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'Thank you so much for the training day, everyone got such a lot out of it and we are constantly talking about ACEs now.' 
St Werburgh's Medical Practice for the Homeless

ACEs training UK. We offer the only OCN Accredited Level 2 credit4learning Working with ACEs training in the UK.

The training is described by many as ‘the best training they have ever attended’.

The one-day course is presented by ACEs survivors and offers 3 years on-going support to each student.

The training is immersive, thought provoking, sometimes challenging, and always delivered with professionalism, passion, and a call to action that promotes a real understanding of Adverse Childhood Experiences and how to mitigate against them.

College of Life is a unique service - we can promise you that

We are ACE survivors and experienced trainers.

Total number of professionals 'ACEs' trained = 834

Total number of general public 'ACEs' informed = 7047

We provide a unique thought-provoking 'Working with ACEs' OCN Credit4Learning accredited CPD training day that is immersive, engaging, challenging, personal, and solution focused while also being motivational.

The course is OCN Credit4Learning accredited through TotalTrain and is cited in the Cumbria 2018 Public Health Report.

OCN Credit4learning is a Voluntary UKAS  ISO 9001 certified organisation.    

Suitable for all.

As fully insured trainers we work in association to provide you with 'Working with ACEs' training course - developed by a 10 ACEs survivor.

The Working with ACEs - Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences training is an OCN Credit4Learning accredited  Level 2 training course equivalent to 6 CPD points available exclusively from College of Life and TotalTrain Trainers.  

Working with ACEs training makes a real difference Small or large groups - in house or off premises.

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