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ACEs in the shadows

ISBN: 1723070750 - ISBN13: 9781723070754


The authors adverse childhood experiences are an example of how society has mistreated children over many years, while pretending to be a sophisticated, first world country.The reality is very different. Children, and there are many thousands of them, have had their life chances completely destroyed by adults who abused their power and influence. The war, and it is a war, against the violation of children in our country and many others, has only just begun. It will be a long war.The ACEs movement is one of the battalions fighting for change.

Graham Wilmer MBE – Director Lantern Project

This is an open and unrestricted account of the impact on ACEs for not only children but adults. The bravery of the Author to place this in the public arena is not unrecognised. Having established the England North ACEs Network, it has been a pleasure to work with The Cumbria Resilience Project and ACEs Cumbria Forum and to support their efforts to become an ACEs aware region. The momentum of this movement in the North is testimony to those who are ‘driving’ the bus forward and believe that it doesn’t have to be this way.This book is written to allow anyone to understand what ACEs are and why they are important for every single person no matter who you are.

Dr Wendy Thorley PhD, M.Ed., B.A (Hons) Ed. R.G.N.


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