Accredited class-room based ACEs training now available from SEPTEMBER 2020


Eventbright - Working with ACEs accredited training.

We provide off-premises Working with ACEs accredited open training days that can be attended by delegates who book a place through our Eventbright page.

Click on eventbrite logo below to see currently scheduled training days.

We also provide in-house training days upon request

We are making plans for many more 'Working with ACEs' accredited training days for 2020. If you have a venue in mind, suitable for a training day for 10 to 50 people, and you think the ACEs training would be beneficial for people in your area, service, or business etc., please get in touch. We would welcome the opportunity to set up a Working with ACEs training day in your area. Many professional staff have cited the training as; 'the best we have ever had'. We have concessions available for low-paid/unemployed and can offer Early Bird reductions on the course fees.

Working with ACes

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