We are very thankful and humbled by the amazing feedback we have received.



Cumbria Police
(1342 officers enrolled)

"Thank you for all of your help and support with the ACEs training in Cumbria – The feedback has been excellent and I truly believe it puts us in a much better position to respond effectively to trauma and adversity across many areas of policing." DCI James Yallop

Cardinal Newman College (224 Staff enrolled)
"Just to say that we have had excellent feedback from the course, staff have found it really useful."

People First Conference Centre Carlisle
'Excellent and really engaging,' 'This training has been invaluable and the trainer was brilliant,' 'I totally enjoyed the training, ' 'Very informative,' 'Fantastic training,' 'The training hit home with personal issues,' 'One of the best courses I have ever attended,' ' Everyone should do this training,' 'Extremely enjoyable and life changing course,' 'Really thought provoking course,' 'The best training I have done,' 'I feel privileged to attend this training,' 'Interesting and therapeutic and has helped me understand myself better. I recommend this training,' 'Exceptional training,' 'Raw and honest with excellent delivery.'

Park Hall Hotel (Various services)
'It was a brilliant course,' 'Brilliant training I would recommend it,' 'Exceptional on all points,' 'I will be recommending this ACEs training,' 'Truly fascinating  course with lived experience,' 'Thoroughly engaging with excellent concepts,' The group activities where good,' 'The trainers knowledge was exceptional,' 'Brilliant, the best training I have ever been on,' 'Fully engaged throughout the whole day,' 'Very good on all points,' 'Really informative, in more depth than I expected,' 'Superb! Lived experience helped bring the subject a greater dimension,' 'The trainers experience made the training more relate-able,' ' Very good training,' 'This training is exceptionally good.'

Knowsley County Council (Violence Reduction Units/
Public Health Institute World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Violence Prevention Faculty of Health. Liverpool John Moores University 22020
'...outstanding. Well done. You must feel really rewarded when you get such good feedback like this. In all my days as a trainer in Health Promotion I never had anything like this kind of feedback'.

Interim Commissioning Manager Knowsley Council .

‘Could you let me know who Commissioned this training? I really enjoyed this training and would love to discuss a borough wide approach across council and commissioned services. Head of Services Cheshire & Merseyside

'I have had some very fabulous feedback from my colleagues about yesterday’s ACEs awareness training day, including comments that it was ‘the best training I have had in ages!’ and expression about how powerful it was. I think it’s really sparked some passion among the team which is great for me as champion.

(More feedback Coming soon)

Dumfries and Galloway Council   Housing Support Communities Directorate

'I found the meeting really interesting and in particular the training from “A Survivor” was fantastic.,' 'In all my 29 years in the sector I have never had training so informed and hard hitting as the one delivered by “A Survivor”,' 'I was gutted that I had to leave as I really wanted to hear the rest,' 'On the ACE’s presentation I was completed drawn in and definitely feel the need for training, if it was for sale, I would have bought it. As much as 70% was down to the lived experience,  the trainers delivery and his mannerism and character, very approachable. I found I could relate, and reaffirmed what I have always believed, in acknowledging the behaviour and wanting to know what the source is! I will definitely have a look at a course in the future at some point, as I believe this would help me in the work I do and want to continue doing. I am sold on this and have spoken to my director already and he is very supportive of me doing this in the future,' 'We found the content of the provider forum very interesting and on the back of this we have since secured ACE'S training next  - we are really pleased/excited about this,' 'I found the ACE presentation overwhelming and inspirational.'

Cardiff Metropolitan University

'An extremely important subject,' 'The best training course I have received,' ' It was a privilege to be part of this training,' 'Very good training,' 'This training is exceptional,' 'Fantastic knowledge and as simple as possible to learn,' 'This training has helped me personally and professionally,' 'Very well presented, gave me a clear understanding of ACEs,' 'Thank you for sharing this great training,' 'Absolutely incredible training session, ' I have taken so much from this training,' 'Fantastic with great insight,' 'Really liked the different parts of the course, ' 'The trainer was very knowledgeable,' 'It was a privilege to attend and  inspirational training,' 'Fantastic delivery from a sensitive and professional trainer,' 'The content and structure was excellent,' 'Very informative, I gained a better understanding of ACEs,' 'Very well delivered' 'This training made me want to change the way I work,'  'Exceptional on all points,' 'A much needed and well delivered course,' 'The personal disclosure enabled connection to the trainer and the course content,' 'Exceptional training,' 'The best course I have found 100% recommend it,' 'This training was engaging and powerful.'

(2) Community Safety Team Mansfield District Council
'Very engaging and thought provoking,' 'Fantastic course,' ' The trainer was very good at delivering this exceptional training,' 'Very good training,' 'Very informative training and well presented,' 'Excellent trainer, this need to be rolled out to parents,' 'Materials provided are exceptional,' 'Very insightful and thought provoking,' 'This training opened up my eyes,' 'Very good content,' Trainer was very good,' 'Training was interesting,'  'The trainers knowledge was exceptionally good,' 'Very insightful ACEs training,' 'Very informative,' '

(1) Community Safety Team Mansfield District Council
'This training needs to be rolled out to all front line staff, ' 'Exceptional training thank you,' 'Very engaging, I learned a lot,' 'I would recommend this training,' 'Very good training and the trainers knowledge was exceptional,' 'Exceptional training on all points,' ' Very good training,' 'The trainers was very professional,' 'A really enjoyable course,' 'I would recommend this training as exceptional,' 'Great course, should be rolled out to everyone,' 'The trainer was very professional and knowledgeable , ' T thoroughly enjoyed this inspirational training.'

Secure Children's Home (Nottinghamshire County Council) (3)
'I found the training interesting,' 'Exceptional training,' 'Exceptional on all counts,' ' This was very good training,' 'This ACEs training was exceptional,' 'I will recommend this training ,' 'Excellent trainer and course,' 'It was very good training,' 'Very powerful training indeed,' 'Very passionate trainer and inspirational,' 'I will recommend this training,' 'Exceptional on all points,' 'The trainers knowledge was exceptional'.

Cumbria Youth Alliance (2)

'Great mix of learning,' 'Loved the video and the personal story,' 'Fantastic course'. 'I will be recommending this course,' 'The presentation was very good,' 'The trainers knowledge was very good,' ' Excellent day,' 'I will tell my colleagues about this training,' 'I really enjoyed the training,;' 'Very inspirational,' 'Very well presented,' 'An invaluable course,' 'The trainer kept us all engaged,' 'The content of the course was very good,' 'I feel privileged to have had the training,' 'The course was amazing, informative and enlightening and also incredibly positive',' Excellent day,' 'Thankful for this training as it was informative and engaging,' 'The course materials were very good,' 'The handouts were excellent,' 'The trainer s knowledge was very good,' 'This was very good training,' 'A great course thank you,' 'Thank you for your honesty, its helps us to be more aware,' 'The structure of the course was good,' 'Really valuable and informative training, ' 'Very inspirational', 'The trainers level of knowledge was very good,' 'The content of the course was very good and also the materials,' ' Immense respect for the trainer,' 'I will recommend this course to others,' 'Very informative and thought provoking,' 'Brilliant course,' 'The trainer was very good,' 'Thank you CYA for enabling this very good training,' 'Excellent day,' 'An excellent day, very approachable trainer who was inspirational,' 'I will be recommending this training to others i my sector.'

Children Looked After - Lancashire County Council
'Exceptional day, inspiring,' 'Enormously helpful,' 'Priceless course, I feel empowered', 'An amazing course, I felt privileged to attend,' 'Honest, and thought provoking,' 'Excellent course with all objectives achieved,' 'I will recommend this course,' 'Very good on all points,' 'Excellent course,' content was very good' 'Excellent training, very insightful and relevant,' 'Empowering training.' 'I will recommend this course,' 'The structure was very good,' 'Absolutely brilliant course, ' 'Just amazing,' 'Level of knowledge was very good,' 'The training was brilliant,' 'Fantastic training,' 'The best training I have done,' 'Very informative trainer,' 'Excellent course,' 'Amazing training, full of hope,' 'Open and honest training,' 'This course was truly excellent,' '

Fostering Ltd (2) Rawtenstall
'Very informative session based on lived experience,' 'Very helpful training indeed', 'Fantastic training,' 'Very informative and a great presentation,' 'Very honest and to the point course, ' 'Very experienced trainer, great presentation and this course gets people talking,' 'This is the best course I have been on', 'I will definitely recommend this ACEs training,' 

Walney Senior School Barrow
'The feedback has been absolutely amazing, thank you for another great presentation'

St Werburgh's Medical Practice for the Homeless (NHS TRUST)

' Thank you so much for the training day, everyone got such a lot out of it and we are constantly talking about ACEs now,' 'Very enjoyable training, ' 'The training inspired me,' 'I will recommend the ACEs training to others,' ' Thank you sharing your experience the training was very good on all counts,' 'The trainers knowledge was very good,' 'A  highly emotive subject that was dealt with in a very professional and informative way,' 'Fantastic training, the day went really quickly,' 'I feel more informed about ACEs,' ' So very informative,' 'Very informative and interesting training,' 'I will be recommending this training to others', 'The trainer was very professional and kept the group engaged,' 'The content of the course was very good and the handouts also very good,' 'The trainers level of knowledge was exceptional,' 

Runcorn Bridge4learning (Managers)
'Fantastic course, lots of information,' Very emotional but inspiring,' 'I appreciated the opportunity to ask questions and talk through the topics,'  'The trainers contribution to this course in invaluable,' 'The most enlightening course I have been on in a long time,' 'Inspirational and a new way for me to see myself, ' This training should be attended by everyone.'

Runcorn Bridge4learning
'I have gained a wide variety of ACEs knowledge,'
'A very clear and relevant course',' I will recommend this course to others,' 'One of the most useful, informative courses I have ever attended,' 'The trainers level of knowledge was very good,' 'The handout materials are excellent,' 'I now have a decent understanding of ACEs,' 'This training has helped me personally and professionally, ' 'This is the best training I have completed,' 'The course was very good and the trainer was professional,' 'Really informative and inspiring training,' 'I will be recommending this course to my colleagues,.

Royal Borough of Windsor   (
Children’s Workforce Development

Achieving for Children)  'We have had brilliant feedback, thank you;.

Nottingham (Nottinghamshire County Council SCH)

'This training was great,' 'I feel everyone should do this training,' ' I would recommend this training, ' 'Very good session,' 'The trainer was excellent and his openness and honesty was very endearing,' 'I really enjoyed the training, ' I will recommend this ACEs training to others,' 'Very good and eye opening course, ' It was an absolutely brilliant course,' 'I will recommend this course, it could have been 2-3 days with content,' 'This has been the best training course I have attended'.

Maryport  (Netherton Infant School)  ‘Excellent feedback from all those who attended. I even had staff from various schools texting me that evening saying how amazing it was. Thank you so much and hope to work with you again. Head Teacher’

Birmingham (Child Protection Special Interest Group Conference)

'The feedback has been fantastic and very encouraging' ,' Very passionate, articulate and engaging.'  Scored  4.64  for presentation and 4.6 for content out of 5

Lockerbie (Common Thread Group)
'Personal and professional information was great, as was the learning pack,' 'Fantastic trainer, open, honest insight to real life ACEs,' 'Very relate-able,' 'An awesome authentic wonderful trainer,' 'Very relevant course to our work with Children,' 'Inspiring, relate-able, understandable and far better training resource than just general ACEs information without personal experience,' 'In depth, emotive, and thought provoking,' 'This course was delivered with bravery and courage,' 'I have learned a lot, the trainer is remarkable,' 'I will recommend this training,' 'Very informative and interactive training,' 'Group exercises very useful,' 'Very knowledgeable trainer and a very good course,' 'Excellent trainer who kept us interested with his personal knowledge of ACEs,' I learned a lot about myself, my own children and the children I support,' 'Extremely respectful trainer, mindful of our needs,' I would recommend this training to others,' 'Excellent, inspiring course and I could not think how this course could be improved.' 

Glasgow  (Twechar Healthy Living Centre)
'Loved every moment,' 'Has helped me confirm ideas about myself and my own children,' 'Great content,' 'Amazing learning, what an inspirational tutor,' 'I will be recommending this training to others,' 'Very informative and important subject covered well,' 'I found this course so informative,' 'The trainer is amazing and it was so good to have someone with lived experience,' 'I found everything about the course extremely informative,'  'Amazing course and trainer, really inspirational,' 'Amazing trainer and course,' 'I recommend it,'  ' The course was very good,' ' The trainer was very good, really friendly,' 'Information was very good and the trainer spoke clearly,' 'Very useful training and enjoyable, gave me a new outlook on myself and others,' ' I will recommend this training,' 'This course was very interesting,' 'Thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it very useful,' 'I really enjoyed this course, it was emotive and very well delivered.,

Manchester (Fostering Limited)
'Really interesting and informative course,' 'Well presented and inspirational,'  'Fantastic, insightful session,' 'Very insightful and interactive with a good balance of group work, videos and presentation,' 'Informative course that informs practice for working with all groups,' 'Very informative and relevant to professional practice and panel membership,' 'Great to hear direct from a survivor, ' 'Excellent course in content,' ' I have taken away a lot of ACEs understanding,' 'This course and trainer was fantastic,' ' The trainers experience was invaluable,' 'I will recommend this training to others,' 'This course was very interesting and informative,' 'Presented excellently and was received well and easy to understand,' 'A very enjoyable  but serious course.'

Preston (Lancashire Hospitals Education)
'Brilliant training', 'I will be recommending this training,' 'Very insightful and gave me transferable skills to help in my practice, ' A must for parents as well as professionals,' This training was very easy to listen to and helpful,' 'Really fantastic course, ' 'Exceptional training - clear, informative, and the pace was spot on, ' I will be recommending this training to other professionals,' 'Very good training, ' 'I recommend this ACEs training' ' Informative training and to the point,' 'Very good training,'  'Very detailed information in this course' ' Excellent, personal, honest and professional.' 'Very informative,' 'I will recommend this course to others, ' Very good training,'  'Relevant information was provided,' 'The course was very well delivered and the trainers experienced helped me to understand ACEs, ' 'Excellent, informative and beneficial training,' 'I have learned so much from this training,' 'The training was delivered in an understandable and relevant way,' 'Excellent course,' 'A very interesting course that will help me in my service delivery,' '

Cardiff St Davids (
Carmarthenshire County Council)
'I found the training to be very informative, ' 'The trainers personal experience was very helpful in helping understand ACEs,' 'Very interesting and emotive training,' 'Excellent training,' 'The training was very informative, ' The trainer was very knowledgeable and kept us all engaged,' 'Very emotive and knowledgeable training, ' 'The handouts were very useful,' 'The trainers personal experience helped us to understand,' 'Excellent training,' 'This course was the best I have attended for a long time,' 'Excellent training and a must for everyone,' 'Extremely interesting and informative, ' 'Should be available to all staff,' 'A very relevant course that will help with my practice,' 'Inspirational and motivational training,' 'Excellent training, the best I have been on in a long time,' 'Other agencies would benefit from this excellent training', '

Cardiff (Napo AGM)
'You received a standing ovation at the conference because your keynote was amazing and touched  many people, thank you.'

Cardiff  (Napo AGM)
'Thank you for your presentation, it was very moving and informative'.

Twickenham  (Achieving for Children Conference)
Thank you for your contribution in making our conference extremely successful. 94% of the conference delegates rated your ACEs presentation as 5 out of 5 with 6% marking as 4.

Nottingham  (Nottinghamshire County Council)
'Absolutely invaluable information,,' 'This information will be used as a basis for my work with young people,' 'Good job, the trainer is awesome, ' 'I will recommend this training to everyone, ' 'Excellent to be able to have training provided by someone with first hand knowledge, ' Amazing training, ' 'The training was made so real through the trainers personal story, '  'I look forward to even more ACEs training,' 'Really enjoyed this course' ' Despite the heavy subject it was very well delivered and informative,' 'What I have learned will impact and improve the way I do my work with young people,' 'Fantastic course, very informative, ' I have been given important concepts to take with me and to consider in my work with young people,' 'The trainer was very passionate and knowledgeable on this course,' 'This ACEs training has helped me to understand issues in my own life as well as at work with young people,'.

Glasgow  (Experiential Play Centre)
'Thank you for a comprehensive, impact-full course,' 'Much knowledge gained, ' 'The course enhanced my current knowledge, ' 'I thoroughly enjoyed this course, it was detailed and thought provoking,' 'Very informative and excellent to have such comprehensive handouts and training pack, ' The whole day was brilliant,' 'Today has boosted my confidence and given me my mojo to get back out and promote ACEs knowledge in my local community, ' 'Very engaging, lots of food for thought, ' The time went quick and I would recommend this training,' 'The trainer was so genuine, and authentic, ' 'Really enjoyed the trainers passion - it's catching, ' 'Thank you for your honesty and reminding us of the importance of raising awareness about being ACEs aware, ' 'Very enlightening course' ' Valuable to take back to my workplace, ' Amazing day, ' Despite the heavy subject material was presented in such an open, accessible and at times humorous way, '  'I recommend this course to everyone, '  'Your own ACEs story helps so much to make sense of the ACEs science,' ' I will be recommending this course to others, ' Brilliant training I will certainly be recommending it, '.

Barrow  (Action for Children Centre)
'The most interesting and informative training I have ever attended, ' 'The full content was excellent and the baby massage information very useful, ' 'Such a good insight thank you, I will recommend to others, ' 'This has been one of the most informative courses I have attended, ' 'the course will benefit my nursing practice and my personal life, ' 'This is an ACEs training course that everybody should have the opportunity to attend, ' 'very informative and thought provoking, ' 'It was good to have the ACEs training delivered by someone with personal experience, ' It was brilliant ACEs training, ' 'I have valued the whole day and will take this ACEs training knowledge forward, ' 'Great course and I would highly recommend to others, ' 'Challenging training but has really helped me understand ACEs, ' 'Was a very good course, ' 'Excellent and informative course, '.

Nottingham  (Nottinghamshire County Council Secure Children's Homes) 'Quality training and I learned a lot, ' 'Very brave trainer who manages to help others, ' Very thought provoking course that has really opened my mind, ' 'One of the best sessions I have attended,' 'The training is relevant to all staff and not just care staff, ' 'I enjoyed all parts of the training, ' 'The trainer was very knowledgeable, ' 'Appreciated the trainers bravery to talk about his own abuse and how he overcame trauma, ' 'Thank you for an excellent day and training experience, ' 'The information shared will be invaluable in my practice, ' 'Excellent, well taught, think this training should be available to everyone, ' The trainer was excellent, ' 'Thank you for being so open, this raining will support me to think and look more about Young People's behaviours, ' Keep up the good work', ' Yes, the best training I have attended and definitely the most relevant, all staff here should have this training so we all work off the same page, ' 'Very interesting course, ' The best, most useful training ever undertaken at SCH, ' The trainers knowledge was invaluable, ' 'Very good course delivered by a trainer with real life experience, ' I had some quick feedback at lunch from one of the staff stating that 'it was the best training he had been on in the 11 yrs '

Carlisle (Gateway4women)
'I will recommend this course, ' 'Very good and I will recommend this course to others, '  'The training and the resources made the information easy to digest and gave great insight. I had my own personal revelation, ' Very informative, the trainer was fantastic, ' 'Thoroughly enjoyed this course, very informative and interesting, important information for everybody, ' Very good and I will recommend this training, ' All very good, ' Good training that I would recommend, ' Very good and I will be recommending to others, ' I feel
privileged to be part of this
ACEs training, ' 'I really enjoyed the training, ' 

Penrith (Cumbria Youth Alliance)
'Excellent insight into ACEs,' 'Amazing revelation', 'Without doubt the content of the training needs to meet a wider audience, fantastic training,' 'I would recommend this training, ' Well delivered with a variety of visual aids that helped, ' Amazing, best training I have ever been on, ' This course is brilliant, ' 'Very informative, ' 'I will recommend this course, ' I will be recommending this training, ' All good, ' Thank you, great training,' 'Really informative enjoyable course' 'I will recommend this course, ' Very good on all accounts, ' Excellent Course and extremely useful, '  'Excellent trainer, ' 'Really enjoyed the course, ' Seeing ACEs from a survivors experience bring it all to life, ' Very good on all points, ' Very impact-full training, fantastic job, '  'I will recommend others to do this training, ' This is one of the best training sessions I have ever been on, ' Cumbria County Council should commission this training for all front line practitioners, ' ' I highly recommend this training, ' 'Fab presentation, brilliant, ' 'Good training, ' Very good, ' 'The day was well laid out and the course material and content was very good, brilliant trainer, ' 'Inspiring and engaging trainer, ' Excellent course, ' 'Excellent, all aspects of the training was very informative, ' Very interesting, ' Recommended, ' ' A very powerful empowered trainer who inspired me to change, ' Great course, '  'Really well presented, ' 'Good mix of learning materials, ' Really insightful, ' Excellent handouts with training that had depth and perspective, ' 

Dumfries (Common Thread Group)
'This training was invaluable and it will help me understand the young people I work with, ' Eye opening very good training, ' Very good training on all points, ' Very passionate training I would recommend, ' I loved this course, very interesting with great study information, ' training was very good and thought provoking, ' very knowledgeable and passionate trainer and the course content was food for thought, ' Educational  and I would recommend the training, ' Very good course, ' really enjoyed the course, ' 

Letter of Recommendation Received


I am writing to thank you for the highly valuable, insightful, challenging and thought-provoking presentation you gave this week. This followed on from a staff meeting earlier in the year and the impact and interest you sparked resulted in us approaching you again for further input and we were delighted you could return – back by popular demand!

The response from staff from the latest training was even more appreciative. Staff have been saying to me how they admired your honest and candid approach to ACEs and how it will influence and impact on their classroom practice and behavioural management techniques. We strive to be a nurturing school and whilst finding a lot of what you said to be affirmation of our practice it also highlighted areas in which we can improve as well as further developing consistency of approach across the school which was something I had hoped for and have not been disappointed.

I would highly recommend the staff of all schools to have similar training as it has been one of the most interesting and beneficial in terms of reflecting on one’s own practise we have had in recent years.

I hope the ACEs messages get spread far and wide and that consequently the life chances of many pupils and indeed adults are transformed for the better.
Kind regards,
David Warbrick
Head Teacher
Beckstone Primary School

Cumbria (Beckstone Primary School)
'Thank you for such an informative day,' 'An excellent thought provoking and mentally challenging day with an excellent trainer,' 'I hope all Schools have the opportunity to attend this training,' The training was well delivered with professionalism, great admiration for the trainer,' 'Interesting and thought provoking training delivered with depth and respect,' 'Excellent course, thought provoking and interesting, ' One of the best Inset days we have had', 'I really enjoyed the course; a good range of dialogue, commentary, video, and activities, ' Very informative and did challenge some of my own previous beliefs and teaching practices. I have a much better understanding of ACEs. The trainer was extremely brave and inspiring,' 'Very informative and very well presented,' 'Loved the real life story, the trainers openness and honesty was lovely, '  'Fabulous', 'Candid training and very useful', 'Thoroughly enjoyed this training,' 'Very informative, opened my eyes, ' I thoroughly enjoyed  the training, a good mix of usual, audio and exercises. It will change my practice,' 'Reinforced my understanding of ACEs, ' Very informative with a good mix of data/evidence video and personal experience from the trainer, ' 'Well organised training, well paced with opportunities to debate,' 'Thank you for the re focus upon the children's needs in our school, ' Your input will impact the lives of  children within our area' ' Excellent course, lots of food for thought, very inspirational,' 'Helped me understand my own life as a child and will help me deal with the children in our school better, ' Fantastic delivery of difficult content, personal aspect and experiences of the trainer were honest and eye opening, ' provided a realness to teaching, ' 'Inspirational day thank you, ' Very informative day, learned a lot, A brilliant day thank you,' 'The trainer did very well, I learned a lot that will help me with the children I work with, ' Very informative, ' 'I have gained a lot of knowledge and  understanding and I will look at things in a new way,' 'A brilliant session,' 'Very informative, ' Very interesting course, ' In depth and extremely interesting, ' Excellent inset day, very informative, ' '

Skelmersdale (Elm tree Primary School)
'This training has helped me a lot, I found it really interesting,' 'Engaging and the trainer had great knowledge,' 'Very interesting, full of information, very professionally delivered', 'Very powerful and inspiring', 'Really informative,' The trainer was very brave sharing his story, I learned  a lot,' 'Fantastic course and the trainer was incredibly brave and professional,' Really enjoyed the course, the trainer was very engaging,' 'Inspiring and a difficult subject delivered with a good mixture of breaks, humour, knowledge and specific to our sector, ' Amazing training, the real life examples really helped, ' This training was really interesting, the trainer was great and I would highly recommend to others, ' ' Extremely thought provoking and interesting. Captivating and helped me understand ACEs, I feel honored to have taken part in this training,' 'Very interesting, amazing, and outstanding trainer who made it very real,' 'Very relevant information, pleasure to meet the trainer,' 'Every HR dept in the UK should book this training,' 'Really valuable and interesting training communicated professionally by the trainer,' ' Very informative, ' Inspirational training and trainer, ' Very informative,' ' The trainer was passionate and inspirational,' 'Amazing training,'  'Really enjoyed the personal approach by the trainer, ' Eye opening, ' 

Skelmersdale (Delphside Primary School)
'It was a very good course, very professionally delivered,' 'Fantastic trainer, I feel so much more informed and prepared,' 'Thank you so much for your open and honest session,' 'A very useful course. It has enabled me to identify children and families who have ACEs and will benefit from support,' 'A great session and very informative,' 'I would recommend this course to others in education,' 'I recommend this course' ' Excellent informative training that really made me think about the children and families I work with,' 'ACEs training has helped me understand the children and families I work with,' 'Excellent training and inspirational,' 'Amazing training thank you,' 'The course was really useful, I can identify numerous families and children that ACEs are relevant to,' 'I am keen to get the rest of school staff to participate in this training.'

Lancaster (Bayview Childcare)
' The course was excellent,' 'I would like to thank the trainer for this great course,' 'I feel that everyone needs to have this training,' 'I would recommend this training,' 'Very inspirational training, very interesting and a massive eye-opener,' 'Fantastic course with exceptional trainer and eye opening,' 'It was really inspirational and furthered my knowledge around childhood trauma,' 'Everyone in children and adult services should be aware of ACEs, ' Very valuable and educational,' 'Very informative and an eye opener around young peoples issues,' 'Very informative and I would recommend to others,' 'I felt the training was amazing,' 'The trainer was inspirational and a credit to the ACEs training, ' I feel; this is needed in all schools, children's homes and in families,'  'Very good course, informative and useful,' 'ACEs knowledge can change lives. This training was inspirational and clearly explained the importance of understanding ACEs and behaviours,' 'Excellent course, very interesting and powerful,' 'It was very inspirational and very interesting training,' 'I have learned some very valuable and knowledgeable information,' 'I though the course was brilliant and have learned a great deal about ACEs, ' Very informative and I would recommend the course.'

Kendal College
' Thank you so much for visiting us',  'Thank you, a really positive day.' 'I have had some very good feedback from teaching staff ', 'Thank you for sharing yourself with us- I feel inspired,. (More to follow soon)     

BARROW  (People First)
'Many thanks, a very informative and helpful day, lots to think about,' 'It was a great session, I will be going forward and spreading the word, I feel as though I have a very good understanding now,' 'It was an excellent session, I will be feeding back to staff at staff meetings,' 'I would recommend this training course to others,.

Dundee (The Circle)
'Great trainer, please come to Edinburgh,' 'Very interesting training,' 'I would recommend this training,' 'The content of the training was very good', ' Brilliant and informative day,' 'I thought the course was excellent,' ' The trainers presentation is very powerful', 'The hand outs are very good and I would recommend this training to others working with vulnerable people of children.'

Stockton-on-Tees (Witherslack Group)

'I just wanted to say a big thank you for yesterday, sharing your personal experiences is never easy. I felt privileged to be part of it. The training was one of the best sessions I have attend for quite a few years. Both personally and professionally beneficial, ' 'The trainer kept me captivated and engaged more than any other training I have had,' 'The most informative and hard hitting training around ACEs and being trauma informed I have received in 10 years of my career, ' Extremely valuable training', 'Amazing Course,' 'Really beneficial,' This training left me feeling more confident in my work with young people,'  'One of the best courses I have attended, I would highly recommend it,' 'Inspirational trainer and I thoroughly enjoyed it,' 'This course was extremely informative, inspiring and motivational,' 'Very good course' ' Very inspiring course, I would recommend it to everyone working with Children,' 'Very informative, one of the best trauma based courses I have been on,' 'Wonderful course, superbly presented and delivered,' Very good course which I think should be provided to the whole group,' Really enjoyed the training, very emotional but a fabulous training day, I have really learned a lot.,' 'This has been the most important training I have ever been apart of,'  'Informative and real, this is the training we should all have in the group,' One of the most interesting and informative training sessions I have attended in 20 years of my career working with young people.'

Manchester Lowry Centre (BACCH)

'Attendees were asked to score your presentation out of 5 in the following areas: Presentation ​4.8/5, Content​ 4.7/5, Relevance​ 4.7/5,' 'Your presentation was the highest scoring presentation of the day,' 'Very powerful presentation,' ' Inspirational,'  'Brings the reality of why we undertake the work we do to life, and brings home that we need to try harder,' 'So important in helping understand the long term implications of ACEs,' 'Moving factual- will inform my practice,' 'Sad but good and excellent awareness,' Excellent presentation which puts ACEs into context,' 'Really useful,' 'Very practical,' 'Very nice talk giving an insight into the life of a LAC child,' ' Uncomfortable to hear this life story but a good outcome,' 'Fantastic very brave and very important presentation. Thank you, 'Excellent,' 'Inspirational,' 'Poignant,' 'Amazing eye opening/bringing back to earth regarding realities of some YP experiences,' It is always nice to hear it from the patient’s view,' 'Excellent talk, heartfelt and fantastic personal motivation.,

Penrith (4EDEN)
'Excellent training,' 'Very informative, I would definitely attend any follow up training,' 'Great course,' 'Everyone should have access to this training,' 'Very open and frank discussion which I found very helpful,' ' I will use this training to inform my future work', 'Informative and thought provoking training,' 'This training was recommended to me and I will certainly recommend to others,' 'Fantastic,' 'I really enjoyed this training,' 'The trainers delivery, knowledge and personal experience really made the training meaningful,' The training was inspiring, informative and empowering,' 'This course was brilliant, it opened my eyes,' 'Mind blown, totally humbled,' 'Fantastic training, t his will change my practice,' 'I didn't fidget all day, this means I was engaged and interested,'  'I will be recommending this training to others,' 'Very informative training on a sensitive issue,' 'It's vital for all sectors to be ACEs aware.'

Carlisle Cumbria Domestic Abuse Champions’ Network ‘ACE’s presentation was fantastic’, ‘Fantastic presentation', ‘ACE’s especially useful’‘Very informative’‘Presentations have been helpful and insightful – will share with team’, ‘So useful to hear about other services/areas of work that I otherwise may not have known about’‘Concise and useful information’.

Seascale (LLWR)

‘Everyone I spoke to yesterday, from both events, said that they were blown away by your presentation and how inspiring, thought provoking and professional the whole session was. I am going to try and book you to come in again’. LLWR

Carlisle (People First)

'We all need to know about ACE's and their impact,' 'Very informative coming from real life experiences,' 'Very glad I came,' 'Would like more info on agencies to support people with ACE's locally'. 

Glasgow (Experiential Play Centre)

'I would recommend this training', 'Engaging at every stage, very helpful,' 'I will be recommending this course to others,' 'The day was very informative, a difficult subject handled sensitively,' ' Lots of opportunity to discuss and explore the ideas and information,' 'Excellent training, all services should access this training,' 'A very informative course, I have learned more new things about ACEs and will be sharing with my team,' 'Very well delivered,' 'Very informative, made me realise I still have a way to go on my own healing,' 'A very good training day. I really enjoyed it,' 'A great facilitator who carried out the day evenly allowing for enough breaks,' 'Hearing a survivor tell us about their own experiences allows you to understand ACEs on a more personal level,' 'Very interesting, the trainers personal experiences kept it real and I could relate to it,' 'I will recommend this training to other professionals,' 'A very informative course that was sensitively handles,' 'This training will be very beneficial to my work,' ' The training helped me link personal and family ACEs,' 'This training will help me with my work with women and children,' 'Brought ACEs alive with personal and professional experience,' 'The trainer was committed to the group with excellent knowledge and presentations,' 'The course was emotional, factual, and exactly what I need in order to move my ACEs knowledge forward,' 'The trainer was fantastic,' 'Really interesting training and it was great to see other professionals and organisation involved,' 'It was good to hear first hand experience of CSA/ACEs and how the damage is caused,' Loved the wealth of materials and videos to support understanding,' 'It has been a really stimulating and informative day,' 'The trainer was excellent in talking about very difficult subjects,' ' It was very positive and equipped us to think constructively about supporting people with ACEs, ' The resources were excellent,'.

Lancaster (Bayview Childcare)

' This was a well thought out thorough day made real by personal evidence,' 'I really enjoyed this training. The trainer has made me think about all subjects relating to ACEs, and how we can help others,' 'The trainer was brave to discuss these subjects,' 'I found the course to be extremely useful and informative, I have learned a lot that will help me in my practice,' 'It's not often you get a course that manages to keep you engaged,' 'The whole of the health profession must have this ACEs training, it was inspirational,' 'Very informative, really enjoyed the training,' 'The trainer was very passionate about the subject,'  'I feel the training was delivered in a very tactful yet realistic way, traversing what is clearly a difficult subject in an appropriate and engaging way,' 'Good presentation, varied methods of learning with excellent handouts and relate-able due to past experiences and trauma,' 'I think the trainers way of reflecting his own experiences linked the ACEs training allowed for better understanding, ' The training has allowed me to recognise where things can be changed,' 'Very interesting and positive course to educate professionals in how to identify trauma and react to it ,' 'I found the training eye opening,' 'This training will be so valuable not only in our profession but also in life,' 'The trainer was engaging and very knowledgeable and the handouts were excellent.' 'I want more. As a person centred  therapist I look at life through the ACEs lense. The trainer was fantastic, wonderful, brave and humble,' 'After reading the book ACEs in the shadows I was excited to receive this training and it did not disappoint me, ' 'Absolutely brilliant. The trainer was open about his personal experiences and this made the training very real,' 'This training will absolutely enable me to become a better practitioner,'  'I have never heard of ACEs training before and I have worked in the care sector for 10+ years. It has given me a great understanding of ACEs and knowledge,' 'Very good training with useful information. We will look to train all of our staff,' The trainers story really inspired me to see that people can make a change. His delivery was superb and all the information was relevant to my work.'

Renfrewshire 03/04/2019

'The instructor was fantastic! So knowledgeable and full of inspiration,' 'Really enjoyed the course, excellent pace of training. Kept it very interesting. Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic trainer,' 'Very valuable and fantastic presentation from someone who shared own story,' ' Fantastic course, excellent and knowledgeable trainer. Very inspired personally as well as professionally,' 'The course was very informative and gave me a better insight into ACE’s. This will help me in my work,'  'Very focused the whole day. Excellent,' 'Enjoyed training and very helpful for my practice,' 'Brilliant – very informative and lots of new skills learned', 'Great course. Good to hear first-hand, personal experiences – enhanced learning and understanding of the subject', “The trainer is a very inspiring trainer, thank you.'

Workington 02/04/2019

' I found this course very interesting,' ' I can put this information into my day to day work life,' 'I really enjoyed the evening,' 'Excellent 3 hrs CPD,' 'Can't wait to tell senior managers so we can arrange for the  full course training,' 'I found this very interesting, especially when relating it to pupils I teach,' ' I do feel this training would be beneficial for other colleagues in our centre,' 'I found the course really useful and informative,' ' I would like the full training, course', 'The course was very informative and offered useful information about the subject of ACEs,' 'Fantastic, thank you,' I will be recommending this course to my colleagues at work.' 

Carlisle 29/03/2019

'I thought the training was valuable,' 'The science behind ACEs was of great interest,' 'Absolutely brilliant course,' 'I found the presentation thoroughly interesting and informative,' 'My understanding will assist me in supporting young people, ' 'The trainers passion was evident and really inspiring', 'Really informative and an inspiring trainer,' 'A really inspiring story, very relate-able, great engagement,' 'Really interesting course and valuable,' 'Very passionate trainer on ACEs topic and very knowledgeable,' 'I will recommend this course to others,' 'Absolutely fantastic, very very good course with excellent delivery,' 'I will be recommending this course.'

Burnley 27/03/2019

'I would like more of this training in this area,' 'I admire the trainers professionalism', ' I felt safe because the trainer  demonstrated care and concern for us,' 'Really informative, honest and realistic training on a difficult subject', 'Lots of information, a good training day, thank you,' 'Engaging and informative course', 'Excellent training, very thought provoking,' 'Would recommend this training to everyone in the teaching profession,' ' Well delivered and thought provoking course,' 'Enjoyed all aspects and will feed back to teams at work,' 'Very informative,' 'Definitely will take this knowledge back to school to develop practice further,' 'A greatly appreciated course,' 'Completely informative,' 'Fantastic course, really helps having an ACE survivor deliver the training,' 'The life stories and experiences of the trainer helped to embed the training,' 'I hope this training is shared with other health professionals, things need to change urgently with a greater awareness of ACEs,' 'The trainer gave us good tools to go away with,' I feel more confident in my role thank you,' 'I have really gained food for thought from this training,' 'Really enjoyed listening, although traumatic for the trainer, I learnt so much,' 'The trainer was extremely brave and honest, the course made me feel humble,' 'This was very informative and will aid me massively in my role working with looked after children,' Thank you for your honesty and emotive discussion,' 'Very engaging,' 'Passionate training and interactive to keep us us engaged,' 'I would recommend this training,' 'Fantastic explanation of the effects of ACEs on child development,' 'I will recommend this ACEs training to others.' 

Preston 26/03/2019

'This course is one of the best that I have attended in a long-time,' 'I feel much better informed due to the clear and concise delivery,' 'Brilliant', 'I have learned so much today and feel inspired to share with colleagues,' 'Really informative course,' 'Brings ACEs in to focus and I feel empowered to pass the information to my team,' 'Inspirational presenter. Proof we can make a difference,' 'Today's training was fantastic', 'It was inspiring and very informative,' 'Excellent delivery and very informative,' 'Helped me understand my own ACEs,' 'Excellent training with real life experiences,' 'A great presentation, informative and thought provoking,' Very informative,' Excellent training, personal but linked to current theory and practice,' ' This was an excellent and informative course,' 'Very informative, made me reflect on current practice and think about children in my care,' 'Brilliant, thank you so much. This training will make a big difference to my work,' 'Very reflective course,' 'Extremely appropriate content, very well delivered with lots of passion,' 'The most important piece of training I have received in a very long time,' 'Excellent trainer with an extraordinary level of knowledge.'  

Carlisle 19/03/2019

'Thank you for today, it has been a fantastic training day,' 'Personal experience makes it real and easier to attach it to the work we do,' 'I would recommend this training to others,' 'This was the most useful training I have had in years,' 'Its so important that everyone hears about ACEs,' 'Yes I would recommend this training,' 'Very in depth and knowledgeable course,' 'Thanks for a great course,' 'I will be recommending this course to my colleagues,' Awesome, amazing training.' 'So informative and relevant,' 'Helped me identify possible avenue to help a family member,' 'I will be recommending this training to others,' 'It was a great days training thank you.'

Norfolk 15/03/2019

'One of the best training days I have had,' 'Brilliant, inspiring and has given me confidence in my own practice.' 'Thank you for sharing your ACEs to educate us,' 'Absolutely brilliant training. Very good. Would recommend to everyone,' 'This will be so useful in my professional and personal life,' 'Really appreciated that our trainer today was able to share his story and make the course so relevant and thought provoking,' 'An excellent course, difficult subject explained very well,' 'Very informative training,' 'This training has been informative and valuable for my professional and personal life,' 'Wonderful training,' 'Emotive subjects and very informative,' 'The session was excellent,' I would recommend this training,' 'Very informative course with a good balance of PowerPoint, video and activities,' 'Thank you for you courage in sharing your story,' 'Made lots of sense,' 'This course was extremely valuable and I think everyone should do it,' 'Should be rolled out to everyone,' 'Really effective training based on real life experiences,' 'I hope this become available to everyone throughout the country,' 'Very good training,' 'I would recommend this excellent training,' Very informative and engaging training,' 'Great training,' 'Delivered well and reinforces a way of thinking, learned a lot today,' 'Excellent training,' 'The trainer was an inspiration, his presentation was well mapped out and a very polished presentation,' 'Personal experience of the trainer was key to the training.'

Barrow 13/03/2019
'The trainers knowledge was fantastic and he answered all of my questions', 'The course was broken down and easy to understand and was never boring and it kept everyone interested,' 'The trainer was engaging and his explanations of ACEs were easy to digest,' 'The mini tasks kept me interested,' 'Really engaging and informative,' 'Lots of ideas of how we can inform our practice and better support families,' 'The trainer was very easy to listen to,' 'ACEs is something that will help me as a Practitioner working with families and also help me as a person in general with family and friends,' 'Really engaging and informative, lightened with humour when needed and lots of ideas how we can inform our practice and better support families,' 'The trainer was very engaging. The content and information was excellent and relevant to my role,' 'I would highly recommend the training to all professionals working with children,' 'Really informative,' 'Brilliant training, informative and inspiring,' 'The trainer is inspirational in sharing his story. During the training I started to think about the ACEs scores of the families on my current case load and how I can work with them to reduce and prevent the affects,' 'Enjoyable day that strengthened my understanding of ACEs,' 'I really enjoyed today, personal experiences are very engaging and inspiring,' 'Very informative, the trainer was a pleasure to listen to. He made a difficult topic easier to listen to,' 'It was a good mix of video, discussion, and activities,' 'I learned a lot from the training,' 'There was lots of useful information and the videos were very helpful,' 'I have really enjoyed the training which will support my work and my degree studies,' 'Many thanks to the trainer for sharing his story and providing us with an informative and engaging training course,' 'I found the course very informative and it will help me adapt my approach to families.'

Kirkcaldy 8/03/2019

'The most relevant course I have attended in my 18 years career,' 'Helpful to hear the trainers experience of ACEs to aid understanding and to use evidence of ACEs to inform parents,' 'Honestly one of the most engaging courses I have attended,' 'The trainers level of knowledge illustrated by personal experience was awe inspiring,' 'Thank you on behalf of the staff as we will be implementing this into our daily support,' 'I would recommend this fantastic training', 'This was a very thought provoking course delivered in a structured way that promoted a safe environment as possible,' 'Very informative training which was delivered to a high standard. The trainer was very professional,' 'The training was very informative and the trainer kept us engaged, the use of humour helped when dealing with difficult issues,' Fantastic, interesting training that was very well delivered,' I would recommend this training,' 'Powerful training and very interesting,'  'An excellent course and the trainer brought ACEs to the room through sharing his own story,' 'Useful training to help with understanding ACEs and how this can help with our assessment of children and parents we support,' 'Very informative and powerful training for my role,' This is one of the best training courses I have attended,' Well organised and informative, would recommend to other Social Workers.'

Carlisle 5/03/22019 (Initial feedback - more to follow)
'Thank you for the ACEs presentation last night at the school - I have had nothing but amazing feedback from the 30 teachers who attended. Many have gone home and researched ACEs more or read the book.'

Penrith 4/03/2019 (Initial feedback - more to follow)
'Fantastic session! We really appreciate what your doing,' 'Brilliant session this morning,' ' Really excellent session. It's great to see growing recognition of ACEs and a drive for positive change in how we approach trauma and support people,' ' You are tremendous for delivering this training and raising awareness. I am looking forward to learning more.'  

Penrith 27/02/2019
'I really enjoyed this training,' 'I am keen to use this in my practice and also address my own childhood trauma,' 'The trainer delivered the training in an intriguing and interesting way.' 'Brilliant insight into real life ACEs,' 'Plenty of activities to increase understanding and knowledge,' 'It has given me the 'want' to learn more and understand people better,' 'Brilliant day. I enjoyed it very much,' ' Very powerful, informative, interesting and with lots of useful examples and explanations,' 'I enjoyed the videos and activities,' 'The trainer was very good, full of knowledge and sharing real life stories,' 'This was very inspiring,' 'I would like a number of professionals to be offered this course as I feel it would benefit many,' 'Very informative, have learned the importance of looking to the possible route of a problem,' 'Could relate to the issue more as they where made real with the trainers story,' I learned a lot about myself today,' 'Everyone should do this training - it would make the world a nicer place if people understood behaviours and actions,' 'Thank you for sharing your experiences,' 'This training  needs to be given to Police and probation services,' 'Thanks to the trainer for sharing his experiences, it helps to provide a better understanding,' 'Extremely beneficial training,' 'I feel this training will be extremely beneficial for Youth Offending Teams to use with young people,' 'Definitely should be rolled out to other staff members.'

Twickenham 19/02/2019
'Thank you so much for the wonderful training that you delivered to our team,' 'Perfect, thank you, very informative,' 'A really interesting. insightful day, thank you,' 'Thoroughly enjoyable and informative training,' ' The fact that the trainer had first hand experience made the training even more interesting,' 'Thank you for being so inspiring,' 'We need more people in the world like this trainer,' 'Everything makes sense - team ACEs,' 'Thank you very much for sharing your story,' 'Your openness and honesty was very moving,' 'Excellent relevant course delivered with passion, empathy, and conviction,' 'I will be taking this back to everybody to assist in making changes,' 'Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and zest for ACEs in a sensitive and dynamic way,' 'Great training delivery,' 'I would recommend this training,' 'I recommend this training,' 'I will recommend this training to others.'

Carlisle 16/02/2019
'One of the best and most informative courses I have attended,' 'I was engaged by the trainer who's knowledge and experiences gave understanding and compassion about ACES', 'I would recommend this course,' 'Well presented and and engaging,' 'I had an amazing day and found this course informative,' 'The course will shape the service I manage,' 'The balance of video, exercises, talk and discussion made the day pass quickly,' 'The reinforcement of ACEs knowledge was good,' 'Very informative and well presented information,' 'This training was fantastic, enjoyable, and engaging,' ' A lot of light-bulb moments thank you,' 'It will make a difference to the lives of many and change how people think about ACEs.'

CADAS - Barrow-in-Furness 12/02/2019

'The delegates said the evening increased their knowledge of the factors that led to addiction... and that they enjoyed the personal style of delivery and that it was useful to be aware of the ACEs study and findings.'

Barrow-in-Furness 5/02/2019

'Really interesting course. Has made me really think about some of the young people we work with. Also understanding neuroplasticity has given me hope', 'Very helpful training and I am sure everyone would agree, this is the best training I have been on for a ling time,' 'Excellent information and content. Enables practitioners to refocus and think about the situations we experience privately and professionally. Hopefully this training will be accessed by all people working in voluntary and statutory sectors,' 'This course was very informative. The pace of delivery allowed us to absorb the information and process the the information,' 'Excellently structured training and well delivered. A real pleasure to attend. I expect to be in touch about delivering this course to outdoor learning professionals,' 'The training was very informative and well delivered. More professionals should have access to the Working with ACEs training course.'

Dundee 02/02/2018

'A very enjoyable informative day.Very well presented. Value for money', 'Very informative, interactive and enjoyable. Feel more confident to mentally screen for ACEs and I am more ACE aware', 'Having a trainer with first hand experience really substantiates the whole topic of ACEs', 'Clarified and explained any questions about ACEs I had. Totally thorough and valuable training', 'Thank you. Valuable experience. A great course', 'The course helped me to get a deeper understanding of ACEs and a wider knowledge of their impact'.

Image by Trudie Smith Photography