We ask every delegate to tell us what they think about the Working with ACEs training course. Here are some of the comments received.



Seascale 16/05/2019

‘Everyone I spoke to yesterday, from both events, said that they were blown away by your presentation and how inspiring, thought provoking and professional the whole session was. I am going to try and book you to come in again’. LLWR

Glasgow 11/05/2019

'I would recommend this training', 'Engaging at every stage, very helpful,' 'I will be recommending this course to others,' 'The day was very informative, a difficult subject handled sensitively,' ' Lots of opportunity to discuss and explore the ideas and information,' 'Excellent training, all services should access this training,' 'A very informative course, I have learned more new things about ACEs and will be sharing with my team,' 'Very well delivered,' 'Very informative, made me realise I still have a way to go on my own healing,' 'A very good training day. I really enjoyed it,' 'A great facilitator who carried out the day evenly allowing for enough breaks,' 'Hearing a survivor tell us about their own experiences allows you to understand ACEs on a more personal level,' 'Very interesting, the trainers personal experiences kept it real and I could relate to it,' 'I will recommend this training to other professionals,' 'A very informative course that was sensitively handles,' 'This training will be very beneficial to my work,' ' The training helped me link personal and family ACEs,' 'This training will help me with my work with women and children,' 'Brought ACEs alive with personal and professional experience,' 'The trainer was committed to the group with excellent knowledge and presentations,' 'The course was emotional, factual, and exactly what I need in order to move my ACEs knowledge forward,' 'The trainer was fantastic,' 'Really interesting training and it was great to see other professionals and organisation involved,' 'It was good to hear first hand experience of CSA/ACEs and how the damage is caused,' Loved the wealth of materials and videos to support understanding,' 'It has been a really stimulating and informative day,' 'The trainer was excellent in talking about very difficult subjects,' ' It was very positive and equipped us to think constructively about supporting people with ACEs, ' The resources were excellent,'.

Lancaster 24/04/2019

' This was a well thought out thorough day made real by personal evidence,' 'I really enjoyed this training. The trainer has made me think about all subjects relating to ACEs, and how we can help others,' 'The trainer was brave to discuss these subjects,' 'I found the course to be extremely useful and informative, I have learned a lot that will help me in my practice,' 'It's not often you get a course that manages to keep you engaged,' 'The whole of the health profession must have this ACEs training, it was inspirational,' 'Very informative, really enjoyed the training,' 'The trainer was very passionate about the subject,'  'I feel the training was delivered in a very tactful yet realistic way, traversing what is clearly a difficult subject in an appropriate and engaging way,' 'Good presentation, varied methods of learning with excellent handouts and relate-able due to past experiences and trauma,' 'I think the trainers way of reflecting his own experiences linked the ACEs training allowed for better understanding, ' The training has allowed me to recognise where things can be changed,' 'Very interesting and positive course to educate professionals in how to identify trauma and react to it ,' 'I found the training eye opening,' 'This training will be so valuable not only in our profession but also in life,' 'The trainer was engaging and very knowledgeable and the handouts were excellent.' 'I want more. As a person centred  therapist I look at life through the ACEs lense. The trainer was fantastic, wonderful, brave and humble,' 'After reading the book ACEs in the shadows I was excited to receive this training and it did not disappoint me, ' 'Absolutely brilliant. The trainer was open about his personal experiences and this made the training very real,' 'This training will absolutely enable me to become a better practitioner,'  'I have never heard of ACEs training before and I have worked in the care sector for 10+ years. It has given me a great understanding of ACEs and knowledge,' 'Very good training with useful information. We will look to train all of our staff,' The trainers story really inspired me to see that people can make a change. His delivery was superb and all the information was relevant to my work.'

Renfrewshire 03/04/2019

'The instructor was fantastic! So knowledgeable and full of inspiration,' 'Really enjoyed the course, excellent pace of training. Kept it very interesting. Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic trainer,' 'Very valuable and fantastic presentation from someone who shared own story,' ' Fantastic course, excellent and knowledgeable trainer. Very inspired personally as well as professionally,' 'The course was very informative and gave me a better insight into ACE’s. This will help me in my work,'  'Very focused the whole day. Excellent,' 'Enjoyed training and very helpful for my practice,' 'Brilliant – very informative and lots of new skills learned', 'Great course. Good to hear first-hand, personal experiences – enhanced learning and understanding of the subject', “The trainer is a very inspiring trainer, thank you.'

Workington 02/04/2019

' I found this course very interesting,' ' I can put this information into my day to day work life,' 'I really enjoyed the evening,' 'Excellent 3 hrs CPD,' 'Can't wait to tell senior managers so we can arrange for the  full course training,' 'I found this very interesting, especially when relating it to pupils I teach,' ' I do feel this training would be beneficial for other colleagues in our centre,' 'I found the course really useful and informative,' ' I would like the full training, course', 'The course was very informative and offered useful information about the subject of ACEs,' 'Fantastic, thank you,' I will be recommending this course to my colleagues at work.' 

Carlisle 29/03/2019

'I thought the training was valuable,' 'The science behind ACEs was of great interest,' 'Absolutely brilliant course,' 'I found the presentation thoroughly interesting and informative,' 'My understanding will assist me in supporting young people, ' 'The trainers passion was evident and really inspiring', 'Really informative and an inspiring trainer,' 'A really inspiring story, very relate-able, great engagement,' 'Really interesting course and valuable,' 'Very passionate trainer on ACEs topic and very knowledgeable,' 'I will recommend this course to others,' 'Absolutely fantastic, very very good course with excellent delivery,' 'I will be recommending this course.'

Burnley 27/03/2019

'I would like more of this training in this area,' 'I admire the trainers professionalism', ' I felt safe because the trainer  demonstrated care and concern for us,' 'Really informative, honest and realistic training on a difficult subject', 'Lots of information, a good training day, thank you,' 'Engaging and informative course', 'Excellent training, very thought provoking,' 'Would recommend this training to everyone in the teaching profession,' ' Well delivered and thought provoking course,' 'Enjoyed all aspects and will feed back to teams at work,' 'Very informative,' 'Definitely will take this knowledge back to school to develop practice further,' 'A greatly appreciated course,' 'Completely informative,' 'Fantastic course, really helps having an ACE survivor deliver the training,' 'The life stories and experiences of the trainer helped to embed the training,' 'I hope this training is shared with other health professionals, things need to change urgently with a greater awareness of ACEs,' 'The trainer gave us good tools to go away with,' I feel more confident in my role thank you,' 'I have really gained food for thought from this training,' 'Really enjoyed listening, although traumatic for the trainer, I learnt so much,' 'The trainer was extremely brave and honest, the course made me feel humble,' 'This was very informative and will aid me massively in my role working with looked after children,' Thank you for your honesty and emotive discussion,' 'Very engaging,' 'Passionate training and interactive to keep us us engaged,' 'I would recommend this training,' 'Fantastic explanation of the effects of ACEs on child development,' 'I will recommend this ACEs training to others.' 

Preston 26/03/2019

'This course is one of the best that I have attended in a long-time,' 'I feel much better informed due to the clear and concise delivery,' 'Brilliant', 'I have learned so much today and feel inspired to share with colleagues,' 'Really informative course,' 'Brings ACEs in to focus and I feel empowered to pass the information to my team,' 'Inspirational presenter. Proof we can make a difference,' 'Today's training was fantastic', 'It was inspiring and very informative,' 'Excellent delivery and very informative,' 'Helped me understand my own ACEs,' 'Excellent training with real life experiences,' 'A great presentation, informative and thought provoking,' Very informative,' Excellent training, personal but linked to current theory and practice,' ' This was an excellent and informative course,' 'Very informative, made me reflect on current practice and think about children in my care,' 'Brilliant, thank you so much. This training will make a big difference to my work,' 'Very reflective course,' 'Extremely appropriate content, very well delivered with lots of passion,' 'The most important piece of training I have received in a very long time,' 'Excellent trainer with an extraordinary level of knowledge.'  

Carlisle 19/03/2019

'Thank you for today, it has been a fantastic training day,' 'Personal experience makes it real and easier to attach it to the work we do,' 'I would recommend this training to others,' 'This was the most useful training I have had in years,' 'Its so important that everyone hears about ACEs,' 'Yes I would recommend this training,' 'Very in depth and knowledgeable course,' 'Thanks for a great course,' 'I will be recommending this course to my colleagues,' Awesome, amazing training.' 'So informative and relevant,' 'Helped me identify possible avenue to help a family member,' 'I will be recommending this training to others,' 'It was a great days training thank you.'

Norfolk 15/03/2019

'One of the best training days I have had,' 'Brilliant, inspiring and has given me confidence in my own practice.' 'Thank you for sharing your ACEs to educate us,' 'Absolutely brilliant training. Very good. Would recommend to everyone,' 'This will be so useful in my professional and personal life,' 'Really appreciated that our trainer today was able to share his story and make the course so relevant and thought provoking,' 'An excellent course, difficult subject explained very well,' 'Very informative training,' 'This training has been informative and valuable for my professional and personal life,' 'Wonderful training,' 'Emotive subjects and very informative,' 'The session was excellent,' I would recommend this training,' 'Very informative course with a good balance of PowerPoint, video and activities,' 'Thank you for you courage in sharing your story,' 'Made lots of sense,' 'This course was extremely valuable and I think everyone should do it,' 'Should be rolled out to everyone,' 'Really effective training based on real life experiences,' 'I hope this become available to everyone throughout the country,' 'Very good training,' 'I would recommend this excellent training,' Very informative and engaging training,' 'Great training,' 'Delivered well and reinforces a way of thinking, learned a lot today,' 'Excellent training,' 'The trainer was an inspiration, his presentation was well mapped out and a very polished presentation,' 'Personal experience of the trainer was key to the training.'

Barrow 13/03/2019
'The trainers knowledge was fantastic and he answered all of my questions', 'The course was broken down and easy to understand and was never boring and it kept everyone interested,' 'The trainer was engaging and his explanations of ACEs were easy to digest,' 'The mini tasks kept me interested,' 'Really engaging and informative,' 'Lots of ideas of how we can inform our practice and better support families,' 'The trainer was very easy to listen to,' 'ACEs is something that will help me as a Practitioner working with families and also help me as a person in general with family and friends,' 'Really engaging and informative, lightened with humour when needed and lots of ideas how we can inform our practice and better support families,' 'The trainer was very engaging. The content and information was excellent and relevant to my role,' 'I would highly recommend the training to all professionals working with children,' 'Really informative,' 'Brilliant training, informative and inspiring,' 'The trainer is inspirational in sharing his story. During the training I started to think about the ACEs scores of the families on my current case load and how I can work with them to reduce and prevent the affects,' 'Enjoyable day that strengthened my understanding of ACEs,' 'I really enjoyed today, personal experiences are very engaging and inspiring,' 'Very informative, the trainer was a pleasure to listen to. He made a difficult topic easier to listen to,' 'It was a good mix of video, discussion, and activities,' 'I learned a lot from the training,' 'There was lots of useful information and the videos were very helpful,' 'I have really enjoyed the training which will support my work and my degree studies,' 'Many thanks to the trainer for sharing his story and providing us with an informative and engaging training course,' 'I found the course very informative and it will help me adapt my approach to families.'

Kirkcaldy 8/03/2019

'The most relevant course I have attended in my 18 years career,' 'Helpful to hear the trainers experience of ACEs to aid understanding and to use evidence of ACEs to inform parents,' 'Honestly one of the most engaging courses I have attended,' 'The trainers level of knowledge illustrated by personal experience was awe inspiring,' 'Thank you on behalf of the staff as we will be implementing this into our daily support,' 'I would recommend this fantastic training', 'This was a very thought provoking course delivered in a structured way that promoted a safe environment as possible,' 'Very informative training which was delivered to a high standard. The trainer was very professional,' 'The training was very informative and the trainer kept us engaged, the use of humour helped when dealing with difficult issues,' Fantastic, interesting training that was very well delivered,' I would recommend this training,' 'Powerful training and very interesting,'  'An excellent course and the trainer brought ACEs to the room through sharing his own story,' 'Useful training to help with understanding ACEs and how this can help with our assessment of children and parents we support,' 'Very informative and powerful training for my role,' This is one of the best training courses I have attended,' Well organised and informative, would recommend to other Social Workers.'

Carlisle 5/03/22019 (Initial feedback - more to follow)
'Thank you for the ACEs presentation last night at the school - I have had nothing but amazing feedback from the 30 teachers who attended. Many have gone home and researched ACEs more or read the book.'

Penrith 4/03/2019 (Initial feedback - more to follow)
'Fantastic session! We really appreciate what your doing,' 'Brilliant session this morning,' ' Really excellent session. It's great to see growing recognition of ACEs and a drive for positive change in how we approach trauma and support people,' ' You are tremendous for delivering this training and raising awareness. I am looking forward to learning more.'  

Penrith 27/02/2019
'I really enjoyed this training,' 'I am keen to use this in my practice and also address my own childhood trauma,' 'The trainer delivered the training in an intriguing and interesting way.' 'Brilliant insight into real life ACEs,' 'Plenty of activities to increase understanding and knowledge,' 'It has given me the 'want' to learn more and understand people better,' 'Brilliant day. I enjoyed it very much,' ' Very powerful, informative, interesting and with lots of useful examples and explanations,' 'I enjoyed the videos and activities,' 'The trainer was very good, full of knowledge and sharing real life stories,' 'This was very inspiring,' 'I would like a number of professionals to be offered this course as I feel it would benefit many,' 'Very informative, have learned the importance of looking to the possible route of a problem,' 'Could relate to the issue more as they where made real with the trainers story,' I learned a lot about myself today,' 'Everyone should do this training - it would make the world a nicer place if people understood behaviours and actions,' 'Thank you for sharing your experiences,' 'This training  needs to be given to Police and probation services,' 'Thanks to the trainer for sharing his experiences, it helps to provide a better understanding,' 'Extremely beneficial training,' 'I feel this training will be extremely beneficial for Youth Offending Teams to use with young people,' 'Definitely should be rolled out to other staff members.'

Twickenham 19/02/2019
'Thank you so much for the wonderful training that you delivered to our team,' 'Perfect, thank you, very informative,' 'A really interesting. insightful day, thank you,' 'Thoroughly enjoyable and informative training,' ' The fact that the trainer had first hand experience made the training even more interesting,' 'Thank you for being so inspiring,' 'We need more people in the world like this trainer,' 'Everything makes sense - team ACEs,' 'Thank you very much for sharing your story,' 'Your openness and honesty was very moving,' 'Excellent relevant course delivered with passion, empathy, and conviction,' 'I will be taking this back to everybody to assist in making changes,' 'Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and zest for ACEs in a sensitive and dynamic way,' 'Great training delivery,' 'I would recommend this training,' 'I recommend this training,' 'I will recommend this training to others.'

Carlisle 16/02/2019
'One of the best and most informative courses I have attended,' 'I was engaged by the trainer who's knowledge and experiences gave understanding and compassion about ACES', 'I would recommend this course,' 'Well presented and and engaging,' 'I had an amazing day and found this course informative,' 'The course will shape the service I manage,' 'The balance of video, exercises, talk and discussion made the day pass quickly,' 'The reinforcement of ACEs knowledge was good,' 'Very informative and well presented information,' 'This training was fantastic, enjoyable, and engaging,' ' A lot of light-bulb moments thank you,' 'It will make a difference to the lives of many and change how people think about ACEs.'

CADAS - Barrow-in-Furness 12/02/2019

'The delegates said the evening increased their knowledge of the factors that led to addiction... and that they enjoyed the personal style of delivery and that it was useful to be aware of the ACEs study and findings.'

Barrow-in-Furness 5/02/2019

'Really interesting course. Has made me really think about some of the young people we work with. Also understanding neuroplasticity has given me hope', 'Very helpful training and I am sure everyone would agree, this is the best training I have been on for a ling time,' 'Excellent information and content. Enables practitioners to refocus and think about the situations we experience privately and professionally. Hopefully this training will be accessed by all people working in voluntary and statutory sectors,' 'This course was very informative. The pace of delivery allowed us to absorb the information and process the the information,' 'Excellently structured training and well delivered. A real pleasure to attend. I expect to be in touch about delivering this course to outdoor learning professionals,' 'The training was very informative and well delivered. More professionals should have access to the Working with ACEs training course.'

Dundee 02/02/2018

'A very enjoyable informative day.Very well presented. Value for money', 'Very informative, interactive and enjoyable. Feel more confident to mentally screen for ACEs and I am more ACE aware', 'Having a trainer with first hand experience really substantiates the whole topic of ACEs', 'Clarified and explained any questions about ACEs I had. Totally thorough and valuable training', 'Thank you. Valuable experience. A great course', 'The course helped me to get a deeper understanding of ACEs and a wider knowledge of their impact', 'To be able to provide this level of training to my staff would be amazing and so beneficial', 'Really enjoyed throughout. Looking forward to taking this information and inspiration back to the rest of our teams. Thank you', 'A very informative day. I have learned so much from today's training and am now so much more aware of the massive impact of ACEs and the things to look out for. This training will change my approach to my work', ' Very engaging day. Good information and resources. I am delighted to be part of the ACEs movement'.

Kirkcaldy 18/01/2019
' The openness of the trainer made the whole presentation real and engaging', 'Really enjoyed this course', 'Really interesting course. Very relevant and I will use the information to improve my practice', 'I found this course really informative and beneficial to my practice. It has made me reflect on the children I work with', 'Very informative course', 'Amazing and valuable insight into ACEs. The personal experiences of the trainer made it real and impacting', The trainers experiences really hit home and made me acknowledge my own experiences. I had a light-bulb moment. Really informative training', 'I feel the training was fantastic. It opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking and it will change my work practice', 'This course is so empowering, the course demonstrates the need for partnership working and clear honest communication', 'Very informative and engaging. The videos helped set the scene to make discussions and information personal', 'I found the course extremely useful and I plan to put this knowledge into practice when supporting families', 'I am dyslexic and the trainer was happy to support me. This is the best training I have been on', 'Very good to hear personal experience and how to recover from ACEs. Clear information, good videos and good ideas for working with clients. A very positive message about recovery', The trainer was very informative and communicated with the group really well. The info was easy to understand and accessible to us all. The training was personal to our service and service users needs and staff needs'.

Carlisle 16/01/2019
'This was great training and relevant to my work in children's services. I will apply this new knowledge in my approach to my practice',  'Thank you so much for the days training workshop – very inspiring',  ' The trainer was amazing thank you', The trainers compassion and humanity shone through. Brilliant. A tough subject shared with warmth and humour',  'Very useful information. Good mixture of discussions, theory, group work and video. All delivered in a sensitive and engaging way. Great facilitator', 

Greenock 12/12/2018
‘You have opened my eyes to the world of ACEs’, ‘I really found the course insightful’, ‘Very informative’, ‘The content of the course was very good’, ‘I enjoyed the training and learned so much’, ‘Very interesting and thought provoking’, ‘It was great’, ‘Very detailed and informative training, I would definitely recommend this course to others’, ‘Very detailed training with real life issues discussed’, ‘Very informative and useful training’, ‘Very moving, thought provoking training. I Will be using the guidance with young people I support’, ‘Training was excellent and it will be helpful both professionally and personally’.

Carlisle 14/11/2018
 ‘Good reinforcement of how to tackle the issues we face as a practitioner’, ‘Really enjoyed the course, great trainer and enjoyed the tasks’, ‘very interesting and useful, very good course’, ‘The trainer was excellent’, ‘excellent, engaging and informative’, ‘fantastic’, ‘absolutely loved this training, great subject delivered by a really fab trainer’, ‘the delivery of the course was interesting, the presenter was very approachable, caring and sensitive’, ‘Training suitable for everyone, learned a wealth today’, ‘great structure and content, videos were so thought provoking’, ‘was extremely informative, this course was heartfelt’, ‘keep doing what you are doing’.

 Kendal 7/11/2018

 The additional feedback from the Kendal sessions include:

“The most informative course I’ve done for a long time!”, 

“An inspirational speaker”, “ACE presentation brilliant and so important” and “ACEs- going to share with all the staff in school as soon as I can”. Many thanks, you are making such a massive positive difference.

Carlisle 6/11/2088

Thank you to the Virtual Schools head in Cumbria for this feedback on the ACEs presentations: 'the most valuable training I’ve had in a long time', 'amazing and completely opens your mind', 'it has changed my view of challenging behaviours in children'.

Barrow 5/11/2018 

The feedback from all 4 ACEs presentations has been very encouraging.

They were attended by 82 designate teachers for CLA, 9 members of the Virtual School team and one person who is the Public Health Lead for Children & Young People in CCC.

Workington 5/11/2018

'really opened my eyes!' , 'very powerful speaker', 'super- lots of relevant knowledge and information', 'very thought provoking', 'inspirational'.

Whitehaven 4/10/2018

'Everyone I have spoken to has given extremely positive feedback - we are so very grateful for your time, honesty and knowledge.', 'Excellent training, truly inspirational, thank you', 'Thank you so much. I appreciate you sharing your personal story. It will help me with my son but not only that, many children and adults I know.', Thank you for the training today at the Beacon. You’re very brave, thank you for sharing your story .'  

Carlisle 7/09/2018

'My company was so impressed by the training in Carlisle last week and our enthusiasm when telling them about it that they have booked four of us on the Scottish conference! ', 'A good day, I really enjoyed it and learned a lot', 'This has been a fantastic help, very informative and I enjoyed the training', 'This training totally engaged me and I was able to make valuable connections to my work', 'Excellent', 'Really enjoyed the day', 'It was very informative, useful, enjoyed, very good', 'Very interesting and helpful -the presentation was engaging and motivational', 'Excellent training high quality information, well prepared'.

Brough 3/09/2018

'Thank you so much, on behalf of all at Eden Park Academy for your wonderful presentation/training. We all got so much from the day.'

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